Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mom Fail...Almost

We visited Santa at Columbia Mall before Thanksgiving, and afterward, made a quick stop in the Disney Store (Jilly's favorite place). There she saw a ton of things that she wanted for Christmas, but she grew really attached to Shenzi (the Whoopi Goldberg character hyena from the Lion King).

Obviously, I told her that NO we weren't going to buy it, and that she could put it on her list for Santa. Big mistake. On Black Friday, I went online to the Disney Store to see what wish list items of hers I could pick up and what good deals I could score. Shenzi - SOLD OUT. My mom looked at the Disney Store at the beach for it (since she's out there this week)...SOLD OUT. I just got off the phone with the four closest Disney Stores...SOLD OUT. Dagger. When you ask Jilly what she wants for Christmas, this is the first thing she lists. And I keep asking, hoping it'll drop in position on the ole wish list. No such luck.

I went online to, my last hope. And they have list a store selling them! Only ONE left. So I bit the bullet and bought it, for about $10 more than the Disney Store sold them, and had to pay shipping since it's a third party store selling through Amazon. But...PHEW!!!

I won't be completely relieved until I see it on our doorstep, but fingers crossed that all will go as planned and Jilly will be able to unwrap the prized hyena on Christmas morning!

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Karen said...

I enjoyed the way you told that story. Glad it worked out... assuming it did. I hope she enjoy her hyena?