Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Weekend Activities

We had a pretty full and fun Halloween weekend. Made a trip to Ikea that Friday to pick up some decorative boxes in a feeble attempt to organize some of the stuff that used to live in our living room and no longer has a home since the living room makeover. For the first time, I checked Jillian into the kids play area and went about my shopping with just Jessie. It was heavenly. And Jilly had a fun time too! When I picked her up, they told me it was kids day and there was free face painting upstairs in the restaurant area. So up we went to check it out. I am glad we did. The lady did a great job, was very quick, and did I mention that it was free?!? Too bad Friday night wasn't Halloween...

On Saturday we went to a Halloween party at Jack's house. It random and unwelcome. Wrangled Jack, Henry, Jillian, and Jessica for a quick costume picture as is tradition, though it was a bummer that not more of the mom's group mommies could make it to the party. :-(

Sunday the snow was gone and the sun was out, so we carved some pumpkins. Now I am not the artistic one in the family, but once John showed me how to trace the pattern onto the pumpkin and carve it out, I loved doing it! I carved the Lightning McQueen pumpkin and we even went to the pumpkin patch to get more pumpkins so I could do a Rapunzel pumpkin on Monday!

Jillian drew some sidewalk chalk monsters while we carved pumpkins.

I took a minute to snap a picture of our rose bush out front that is still budding...thought it was pretty against the fall leaves and blue sky.

Jillian and Jessica enjoyed playing in the leaves. Now that Jess is fully mobile, getting pictures of them together that are decent of both of them has gotten increasingly more difficult.

I took one picture that turned out ok of the girls before trick or treating. Jessica wasn't having fun yet. Jillian was Barbie and Jessica was just Halloween-y. Because the lion I put her in for the party absolutely angered her. We went trick-or-treating on Main Street Ellicott City again this year, stopped by a friend's house in Ellicott City, grabbed a pizza at Domino's for dinner, and then Daddy took Jilly trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. She has a pretty good stash of candy.

Tuesday morning I took the girls for haircuts. Jillian hasn't had one since before Easter, and Jess has never had hers cut. We're scheduled to have Christmas pictures taken next weekend, so I figured it was about that time.

We went up to my parents' house Wednesday to see their cool Halloween decorations. Jessica was fascinated by them!

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