Friday, September 30, 2011


Now that fall is arriving, I'm reacquainting myself with my camera. I've been using the cell phone camera for most everything on the go lately, because it is so portable. This morning we went for a walk around Centennial Lake, and I decided to take the camera along. And I'm glad that I did! About 2/3 of the way around, we spotted a blue heron just hanging out at the edge of the lake. I pulled the stroller off the path, snatched out the camera, and viola! Blue heron pictures!

I can't believe it let us get so close before relocating (and I think the relocating had more to do with the fishing boat that cruised by than us).

We were going to stop by the little playground at Centennial, but it was all roped off for some kind of work, so we ran our Target errand and stopped at the Holiday Hills playground down off Rt 29. This was Jessie's first being-mobile-at-the-playground experience.
They are two very different people, my daughters. Where Jillian was fearless and daring even before she could walk, Jessie was hesitant and totally freaked out going down the short tunnel slide. I've likely scarred her for life. But she did end up giving a couple smiles while we were there.

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