Saturday, August 27, 2011

Every Now and Again...

...we stay home and play. Well, we didn't actually stay home the WHOLE day, but we did lay low after getting some exercise in the morning.

Jilly and Jessie are getting better and better at playing together without Mommy's help (I'm sure this trend will reverse once Jess realizes that Jilly taking toys from her is NOT ok anymore).

My brown eyed girls.

Playing together.

You'll notice the beer boxes under the crib. Since we aren't using disposable diapers, I had to find something to store outgrown stuff in! These boxes are an awesome under-crib storage size, and perfect for stashing shoes that Jilly can't wear anymore. Really.

I let Jilly try her hand at taking some photos. Most of them were blurry messes. This one turned out alright. Despite my crazy, post-jog, flyaway hair.

Jess standing up all by herself. Still waiting for her to take some steps (she is a
super fast crawler!).

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