Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farewell Johnson Crew :-(

This past weekend we went to my cousin Shane's house for a going away party. My big cuz and his family are moving to Florida on Friday!

It was a nice time and we got to catch up with family while the kiddos played. Sad that Shaney is moving, but looking forward to visiting them! ;-)

Dottie and "Grandma" Helen were there and the took turns holding and admiring Jessica. Dottie, my 90 year old grandmother, is in the stylin' plaid shirt, LOL.

Frank and Mom took turns passing around the baby too. This was pretty landmark, since until now Jessica cried every time her Pop-Pop held her.

Jilly enjoyed cousin Shane's awesome tractor...

Both girls got in some good Daddy time after his trip last week.

Jessie stumbled on a big ole water gun (I think it's a water gun?).

Cousin Shane manned the grill and was the popsicle giver-outer!

And we even managed to get a half-decent picture of Shane's family, Jesse (another cousin) and Kim, and our family!

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