Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day on the Farm

We didn't actually do much farm-y stuff, but we did head to Ann's farm today to visit. I love taking the girls out there since I spent time on the farm when I was growing up. It's fun to see the girls experience some of the same things. Jilly was happy to see Matthew, and I think all of us were happy to enjoy some pool time.

Jess liked "walking" with the push toys.

I swear it looks like I interrupted their play time here - and they're not happy about it. Note that Jilly has the same expression on her face that Jessica has on her face in the picture above...

Jilly and Matthew played. And argued about whose turn it was to play with different toys, etc...

Then we all got to play in the pool! It's funny - I remember when they put the pool in back in 1985! Jilly really enjoyed her pool time; she used a little inner tube and did a fabulous job kicking and moving herself around the pool.

We even got a decent picture of the three of us!

Again with the facial expressions...geesh!

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emk said...

That last pic makes it looks like the pool water smells really, really bad! :-) Glad you had such a fun visit!