Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Beach?

Indeed, another beach. We love the beach. Any beach, really, as long as there's sand and water. We prefer beaches with few people, which are a bit tough to find this time of year. John has been working in NC this week, so I decided to take the girls to Sandy Point today. On the way there, I remember my friend Amy telling me a year or so ago about Terrapin Beach Park (there really aren't any good links to the park, but this one has SOME info), on the other side of the bridge, which is pretty quiet. So we kept driving. It only took us about ten minutes longer to get there, and the cost of crossing the Bay Bridge. We parked and walked along the trail to the beach, probably about a 1/4 mile from the parking area. And lo and behold, a non-crowded beach with nice sand - SCORE!

The girls enjoyed playing together. Jilly is really enjoying Jessica now that she's able to "play". I'm sure this will end once she can 'fight back', LOL.

Self-timer portrait attempt #1.

Self-timer portrait attempt #2.

I've got SAND!!!

There were lots of little fish in the water...Jilly was trying to catch one, unsuccessfully.

The girls playing together some more - Jillian actually smiled at the camera for me!

Jessica hanging on the beach blanket.

Jilly excited to run!

Jessie really 'digs' the sand, pun intended.

I tried to get the girls to build a sandcastle together. Guess it's too soon for that.

Jessie no doubt licking sand off her fingers - EW.

And a pixelated, zoomed in picture of a bird we spotted on the way out - too bad my "good" camera battery was dead and I had to use the ole cell phone camera.

All in all a fun trip and we will for sure be visiting again!!!


Fake Aunt Jen said...

a blue heron :) looks like fun! how i wish i could've joined you - i'd much rather be at a beach than at work!

emk said...

jilly's really been bulking up! ;-)

Emily said...

Love emilys comment! Looks like a blast.... I think were on to play tomorrow but the soap making will have to wait and be kids-free activity because there are warnings about chemicals and being very careful with the mix.... With kids might not be best for a first fun.

johntindale said...

Looks like the girls had a good time.