Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day on the Farm

We didn't actually do much farm-y stuff, but we did head to Ann's farm today to visit. I love taking the girls out there since I spent time on the farm when I was growing up. It's fun to see the girls experience some of the same things. Jilly was happy to see Matthew, and I think all of us were happy to enjoy some pool time.

Jess liked "walking" with the push toys.

I swear it looks like I interrupted their play time here - and they're not happy about it. Note that Jilly has the same expression on her face that Jessica has on her face in the picture above...

Jilly and Matthew played. And argued about whose turn it was to play with different toys, etc...

Then we all got to play in the pool! It's funny - I remember when they put the pool in back in 1985! Jilly really enjoyed her pool time; she used a little inner tube and did a fabulous job kicking and moving herself around the pool.

We even got a decent picture of the three of us!

Again with the facial expressions...geesh!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

From the Smartphone

I've been carrying around my big camera less and less, mostly because I'm carrying around a diaper bag less and less. And I often have a baby in my arms. But I always have my trusty Droid at hand. So I thought I'd share a few (unedited) pictures of our last couple weeks.

Jillian and Jessica have been participating in various studies at UMCP's Language Development Lab. Thanks for the info on this, Emily!! What that really means is that we've been taking little field trips to College Park here and there since this spring. Jillian keeps saying that, yes, she would like to go to school there when she gets older.

I bought romanesco at the farmers market. It was pretty good. I also picked up a collapsible steamer on the advice of a friend. Yeah, I'm a little behind the times. Anyhow, the vegetable was pretty good. The flavor reminded me more of cauliflower than broccoli.

The girls have graduated to the BIG cart at Harris Teeter, and Jess loves riding in the space ship with her sister.

Jess loves all things electronic. And all things she's not supposed to have. Needless to say, this game controller was fascinating.

Jess also loves all things food. (YAY!) Here she is killing some sweet potatoes when we had a semi-date dinner at Longhorn. Which despite being a chain, was actually quite nice.

Our garden continues to do well. To understate it.

I baked my first pie. A peach pie. It was pretty good, though it probably could have baked about five more minutes. I'm terrified of burning food.

Jessica has a ton of teeth. By a ton, I mean eight.

Food seems to be a theme around here this summer. I'm actually finding myself disappointed when I know we have plans to be somewhere other than home to eat. Can you tell that I'm one of those weird people that doesn't like her foods to touch each other on the plate? LOL.

Broccoli, chicken, couscous medley (thank you, Trader Joe's).

Beets, meatloaf.

Pear-papaya squash, steak, brown rice medley (again, I heart you Trader Joe's).

Pizza! With our first ripe tomatoes of the season and basil from the garden to top it (also, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic, mozzarella).
One day I'll get back to taking 'good' pictures again, but for now, the little phone in my pocket seems to be doing just fine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Finally Jess is big enough/stable enough to share a bath with her big sis!!! Technically, this is their second shared bath experience, but the first one was pretty spur of the moment and I didn't have the camera or cell phone with me in the bathroom to document the experience....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Farewell Johnson Crew :-(

This past weekend we went to my cousin Shane's house for a going away party. My big cuz and his family are moving to Florida on Friday!

It was a nice time and we got to catch up with family while the kiddos played. Sad that Shaney is moving, but looking forward to visiting them! ;-)

Dottie and "Grandma" Helen were there and the took turns holding and admiring Jessica. Dottie, my 90 year old grandmother, is in the stylin' plaid shirt, LOL.

Frank and Mom took turns passing around the baby too. This was pretty landmark, since until now Jessica cried every time her Pop-Pop held her.

Jilly enjoyed cousin Shane's awesome tractor...

Both girls got in some good Daddy time after his trip last week.

Jessie stumbled on a big ole water gun (I think it's a water gun?).

Cousin Shane manned the grill and was the popsicle giver-outer!

And we even managed to get a half-decent picture of Shane's family, Jesse (another cousin) and Kim, and our family!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Beach?

Indeed, another beach. We love the beach. Any beach, really, as long as there's sand and water. We prefer beaches with few people, which are a bit tough to find this time of year. John has been working in NC this week, so I decided to take the girls to Sandy Point today. On the way there, I remember my friend Amy telling me a year or so ago about Terrapin Beach Park (there really aren't any good links to the park, but this one has SOME info), on the other side of the bridge, which is pretty quiet. So we kept driving. It only took us about ten minutes longer to get there, and the cost of crossing the Bay Bridge. We parked and walked along the trail to the beach, probably about a 1/4 mile from the parking area. And lo and behold, a non-crowded beach with nice sand - SCORE!

The girls enjoyed playing together. Jilly is really enjoying Jessica now that she's able to "play". I'm sure this will end once she can 'fight back', LOL.

Self-timer portrait attempt #1.

Self-timer portrait attempt #2.

I've got SAND!!!

There were lots of little fish in the water...Jilly was trying to catch one, unsuccessfully.

The girls playing together some more - Jillian actually smiled at the camera for me!

Jessica hanging on the beach blanket.

Jilly excited to run!

Jessie really 'digs' the sand, pun intended.

I tried to get the girls to build a sandcastle together. Guess it's too soon for that.

Jessie no doubt licking sand off her fingers - EW.

And a pixelated, zoomed in picture of a bird we spotted on the way out - too bad my "good" camera battery was dead and I had to use the ole cell phone camera.

All in all a fun trip and we will for sure be visiting again!!!