Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back from the Beach

We had a chance to go to Rehoboth Beach for most of last week, and now we're back. The trip was a blast and we couldn't have had nicer weather. It was extra special, because we stayed at the cottage where I grew up vacationing and Jillian got to hang out with Matthew, who is my...wait for's college roommate's grandson. That's pretty cool, since I grew up vacationing with my mom's college roommate's sons, and Matthew is Dave's little boy.

The beach was a huge hit, though a bit challenging with both girls. I ended up holding Jessica most of the time while Jillian played in the ocean. The sleeping arrangements were also a bit challenging, since Jillian is not good at laying down for bed and going right to sleep. Initially we had me and the girls bunked up in the same room, but after night #1 of Jilly's shenanigans, she slept with my mom in another room and I shared a room (and the futon) with the baby. I will say that by the third night, Jessie went down for naps and bedtime like a dream. Not too bad I must say, for only her second time sleeping in the PeaPod tent.

The last challenge was my ability to take decent pictures. Since I found myself holding Jessica, and she's quite the grabby-grabber, most of my good camera pictures were taken one handed. And the pics of the kids of the rides were in-motion pictures. I found that the pictures I liked the best were those taken with my lower quality cell phone camera. But anyhow, we had a blast and wish we could have stayed all summer! Here are the pics.

Jessica on the beach.

Jilly tired of me taking pictures of her.

Jilly on the carousel.

Jilly and Matthew on the hot air balloon ferris wheel-type ride. Yes, we let them ride it sans adults.

My best attempt at getting a picture of both girls on the beach.

Self-portraiture on the helicopter ride.

Jilly and Matthew on the spaceship ride.

Jilly and Matthew on the swings.

Jilly loving playing on the beach.

Jessie loving the sand. Eating the sand. Putting the sand in her ear. Rubbing the sand all over. EW.

Jilly playing in the water.

Jumping in the waves.


We found some swings one morning - of course we had to try them out.

Jillian got a new stuffed "hookie".

Jilly and Matthew on the fire engines.

Jessie's first carousel ride.

We went twice - she loved it. Didn't stop laughing the entire time!

Ice cream on the boardwalk.

Matthew and Jillian enjoying their ice cream together.

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emk said...

That last pic looks totally like a little date! So glad you had a wonderful getaway!