Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calvert Cliffs Day Trip

We visited Calvert Cliffs two springs ago, and have been meaning to go back since then. Unfortunately, the complicated pregnancy last summer made it a no-go last year. Then having two kids and trying to figure out how to hike that trail with a traditional stroller and wearing a baby and still having a bag with us seemed pretty complicated. Enter the new Phil & Ted's stroller that I found on craigslist about a month ago! Somewhat on a whim, we packed up and headed out this morning. The trail to the beach is 1.8 miles each way, and not especially stroller friendly, but the P&T did just fine!! It was a nice walk and we saw plenty of critters along the way: snakes, butterflies, lizards, turtles, frogs, and more. I think I got better pictures during the last visit, but we definitely spent more time hanging on the beach this time!

Jillian liked the flowers on these trees we found along the trail, and even cooperated and posed for a picture!

Snakey snakey.

Turtle catching some rays.

Butterfly with a broken wing :-(

Looking up the beach at the cliffs.

Jillian wanted to hold the ladybug.

Jessie hanging on the picnic blanket.

Jilly before changing into a bathing suit - she got soaked! (I feel the need to mention here that she picks out her own outfits, so occasionally if she's wearing something not matching or a little strange, yeah...that's her choice!)

Jilly just loves the water, and it was nice and warm!

Our little setup. Jess decided that she preferred hanging in the stroller.

And the obligatory self portrait attempt!


Casy Schweickart said...

What fun!! Man I wish we lived near a beach. The kiddos are getting so big! Great self portrait by the way. ;0)

Emily said...

Count me in next time! Maybe a trip for the 'group'?

bluecottonmemory said...

What a perfect trip, a little adventure, critters, cute outfits and water! Your crew is adorable!