Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another One of THOSE Posts

Let's see...what's new around here? Not much, but we've been keeping busy.

John suggested a craft to make with those styrofoam trays that meat and sausage come packaged with - stamps! I washed one really good and made Jillian some dinosaur stamps by drawing on them with pencil and attaching handles (aka, wine bottle corks). They probably would have worked better with just ink pads rather than paint, but it was fun anyhow.

Jessica hung out and was cute while Jillian painted.

Our baby robins have grown up and flown away. I happened to see them the last morning they were here, waiting to get fed again. And then I saw them leave the nest and take flight one by one.

Here they are in the nest the last morning. It was getting pretty cramped in there!

This is the first one that left the nest.

And the last one...this one wasn't so sure about the whole thing, and sat on that branch for probably an hour before taking flight. It was really cool for Jillian to be able to see the whole thing from the time we had four little blue eggs to the morning they left their nest.

Finally it's getting warm enough consistently to get the kids in the kiddie pool. I scrubbed out the crud over the weekend and filled it up for the girls earlier this week. Jessie only toughed it out for about ten or fifteen minutes, because the water was still a little on the chilly side, but Jilly played in it for about an hour and a half!!

Oh...these girls are gonna be trouble!

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Casy Schweickart said...

We are gonna try and get Em's pool out this weekend. She's been asking about it but really with as much rain as we have had all she has had to play in is rain puddles. LOL