Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

The title of this post implies that I'll be blogging weekly. Hmmm...we shall see. But at least that often. I promise.

Jessica is really getting into playing. She loves these blocks we have - they each have a clear side that shows something inside.

Her favorite is still this cube that I got for Jillian when she was little older than Jess is now.

Jillian tried her hand at teaching Jess to crawl...with no success. But she sure looks like she wants to take off!

Last year we started an Easter Egg Hunt tradition...the older kids get to hide eggs for Jillian (well, next year it'll be Jilly & Jessie!) after we eat dinner and are killing time before dessert.

Jilly had a blast again this year.

And a quick flashback to last year...

After plenty of Easter candy was consumed, Jilly went outside to drive around in her princess car.

We even got a couple decent pictures of me with the girls and me with my man! (and here is where I shamelessly plug my awesome thrift store dress that cost a whopping $5.99...but I picked it up during a 50% off sale!)

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