Thursday, April 28, 2011

Laundry (Cat) Room Makeover

Our laundry room has been a work-in-progress for-ever. Like, since I bought the house in 2002. Sigh. It gets organized, it gets filled with stuff, it gets messy, it gets re-organized, etc. What a vicious cycle. Inspired by Emily (whose laundry room is still much more awesome than mine), I decided to try again. I didn't take a true "before" picture, but I totally should have. Here are some almost before pics...I had already made and hung curtains in these pictures, as well as having already cleared all the stuff away from in front of the windows. *Warning: poor quality cell phone pics follow*

After clearing the windows, and making and hanging curtains, John helped me stack the washer and dryer (and I can still reach the dryer...mostly). My handy husband also hung some shelves for me to store paint, which we have a never ending supply of..., and other Home Depot type stuff. That made room for some of his boxes of office stuff on one set of shelves. I stashed all our folding chairs, back in the corner near the graveyard of unwanted, ugly closet doors. The other set of shelves has some not used kid toys, and I hope to move some more kid stuff out of our storage unit into the house to have when we need/want it.

I'm still working on de-cluttering the water heater corner and wish that I could put down a rug in the room, but my cat has some weird issue with area rugs and insists on peeing on them where ever they are...grrr. So there it is. Not perfect, but better!

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Emily said...

Looks like an amazing transformation!