Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I enrolled Jillian in a six week gymnastics class through Rec & Parks and her class ended last week. Yes, I have been a bit remiss with posting pictures. Because I didn't actually take any pictures of her in class until the last class...OOPS.

And they're not even good pictures, for the following reasons...
1) she moved too fast
2) the lighting in the gym is kind of awful for pictures
3) I had a wide awake baby to contend with

That being said, here are the ones worth sharing...I guess.

She always did great on the beam and bars, but sorry, no pics of those! She definitely expressed that she liked ballet better, but I really loved the discipline that she got in the gymnastics class. I'm hoping I can put her in another session this fall and see how she takes to it then!

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Brenna said...

it looks like she really had fun! she looks very focused.