Friday, March 4, 2011

A Break

Yesterday I got a break. My mom came down and watched the girls for a few hours. This is not that out of the ordinary, but what I did was. Instead of my usual pack-ten-errands-into-three hours mentality, I slowed down. I still ran a couple errands. I went to the library, and actually looked at the books I checked out, instead of just grabbing the first three within arms reach as I'm running after an unruly toddler. I walked around Lake Elkhorn, without a stroller, and even stopped to take pictures of some birds along the way without a baby crying at me to get moving again. I made a quick stop into the dollar store and the liquor store. I even went to Starbucks for a coffee...and sat down and actually drank part of it at Starbucks before heading home. I hate to sound so complain-y, and I love my girls dearly, but it sure was nice to have some time to myself without feeling like I have to get my entire to-do list for the week done during my "me time"! Thanks mom!!!


emk said...

That is AWESOME! Good for you!!

Brenna said...

glad you got a break! those little breaks seem to fly by, don't they?

Emily said...

sounds decadent! does your mom want to even things out and watch my 2 boys too? (j/k!)