Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Afternoon Play Time

I've been trying awfully hard to get us on some kind of schedule around here. One of the things that we've been doing is having a good hour of play time, all together, usually in Jessica's bedroom, after quiet time (formerly known as nap time...).

It's worked out well. Yesterday, Jillian was 'reading' books to Jessica. Jessica just flips out for books. We got these two puppet books for Christmas - one is called "Do You Wear Diapers?" and asks all kinds of animals if they wear diapers...to which they reply "No, I don't wear diapers. I poop in the [jungle, forest, rain forest, etc., depending on the animal]." Jilly was reading this to Jessica and got to the cat page. I got it on video - it was priceless. I translate her toddler-ese at the end if you don't understand all of what she's saying.

Here's Jessica showing off that book...and a hat I found in one of our many boxes of little girl clothes.

Today I got out the "real" camera and took some pictures during play time. Jessica is getting pretty good at sitting up unassisted. She still needs a little support, but doesn't have any problems staying upright with just the Boppy to lean against.

And she wishes she could crawl. So do we...


Really, Mom?

I'm SO done with this.

Jillian was taking a bubble bath today during play time. She took it upon herself to get out when she was done, drip water all over the bathroom floor, get a towel out of the closet herself, and join us. *sigh* She also made some funny faces for the camera.

I do so love to see the girls playing together, though.


Emily said...

I love it when the kiddos play together too! Makes me smile, for sure! I hear you about the schedule thing. I'm trying to come up with a routine that's fun for everyone. It's hard work!

Jen said...

And seeing them play together will just get better and better! Molly got a new toy for her birthday so we opened it during Leah's nap today. When Leah woke up Molly asked, "Leah, do you want to play with me?" It warmed my heart to hear that.