Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Jessica just cut her two bottom teeth! In the same night! And I wondered why she kept waking up last night.... Add that to the cold we've been passing around here, and it's been quite a week. John got sick last Tuesday, Jilly started feeling bad Wednesday/Thursday-ish, Jessica followed a day or so later. Now I'm trying keep it from totally knocking me out of commission. Our once full week got cleared quickly and we've been laying low and trying to kick the cruddies.

No teeth pictures yet, but here is what we've been up to. Besides being sick.

Jillian was playing and Jessica was watching from her horsie the other morning. Jessica just LOVES watching Jilly play. Which is awesome for me! I was in the kitchen and looked out to see this...apparently Jilly is getting Princess Jessie started early with dress up.

This is a pretty Jessica-centric post, since despite being sick, Jillian spent a couple nights at my mom's house over the weekend. So Jessie and I got some mommy/baby time in. Which included lots of playing and smiles.

Gummy smiles - not for long though!

I bought Jessica a new rattle. It's been tons of fun. I love the concentration!

Looking through the rattle. At a cute baby and an explosion of baby toys/gear in the background. *sigh*

Jessie loves the jumper and especially this frog and mirror. Captivating.

Jillian started feeling better Sunday evening, and we had a couple things to pick up yesterday. We slipped into CVS and they had some fun stuff on their sale table. Including a bag of party blowers (is that what they're called?) for $0.18. She has truly enjoyed them.

Up next...erupting teeth pictures and a giveaway!

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