Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Been...Interesting

I feel like I've been sort of MIA in the blogging world lately. Jessica is a bit of a needier baby than Jillian was. And I am having a heck of a time adjusting to it. The past few weeks have made it even tougher. John got sick, then Jillian, then Jessica, then me (to a lesser extent thank goodness). Along with being sick, Jessica cut two front teeth and has a third that will probably be in within a week. What does that mean for me? It means that I have a baby that doesn't want to be put down. EVER. Not even to sleep in her crib. Fortunately(?) her high pitched, make your ears ring scream is dulled somewhat by her congestion, but even still, stuff needs to get done around here and the constant low whining/crying that she does when left to her own devices is irritating. And from the baby that used to sleep well at night, getting up every hour and a half and not wanting to go back to sleep unless attached to mommy is getting OLD. Smothering really. Add to that a toddler that demands attention and doesn't listen especially well, well, you get the picture. Most nights I'm frustrated and pulling my hair out. And just want the kids to go to bed and leave me alone for a couple hours. Anyway. It does seem like Jessica is finally getting on good terms with nap(s) and when I can put her down in the morning IN HER CRIB, Jillian gets some one-on-one mommy time. That helps a little. But really, I'm pretty over being SO needed. Being needed a little = self esteem boost. Being needed constantly = wanting to run away from home.

Anyway, enough venting already. If you've wondered why I haven't been blogging as much, though, there you have it. I'm mostly brain dead and exhausted and when I get a little time to myself, I sit down with a glass of wine, and not the computer. And I work on this. I'm finally making myself a scarf and hopefully it will be done before the warm weather arrives for good.

Speaking of warm weather, last week when we had our heat wave, I took the girls to the park to walk. I must admit that it felt darn good to get some walking in.

Jillian didn't much feel like smiling for the camera, or for me, but she did crack a little smile when we saw this (look hard through the trees). Patapsco is about the only park where we walk most of the time because of the choo-choo factor.

Jessica is just about big enough to wear in the Ergo.

The Daytona 500 was this past weekend. We didn't follow NASCAR much last year, but with the new HD tv, I must say that we will be watching considerably more this year. What a HUGE difference. We even got Jillian in on it this year by setting up a track for her to play with during the race.

Jillian got to spend the night at her cousin's house last night. Before she left yesterday, we did some playing in her room while Jessica napped and I folded laundry. When I was a kid, I had some prisms that hung in my bedroom and cast rainbows all around the room when it was sunny. I found two of them the other day and hung them in Jilly's room. She thinks the rainbows are really neat! You can see some of them on her Toy Story picture that daddy painted. She also loves Toy Story. I no longer do. In fact, it's possible that I can't STAND Toy Story at this point.

Though a funny story did come out of this play time. Jillian likes to narrate the action for me when I'm around while she plays. Overheard yesterday, "Bullseye peepee in Jessie's hat, and Jessie doesn't like it". Really???


emk said...

I am so sorry that you're dealing with neediness. I'm only 4 weeks into this game and I'm exhausted from it, so I can only imagine how you must feel. Hopefully Jessica will settle back into a routine soon. My issue is that when the little one is snoozing, I want time to myself then-- not time to play with the 3-year old. So it sounds like you're miles ahead of me. I gotta work on this selfishness...

Hang in there!

Tara said...

So you have a toddler that isn't a great listener? Ok, good...mine is normal! Sorry you're having a rough go at it lately. Sounds like I need to really enjoy my little downtime before #2 gets here.

Andrew likes Toy Story (and has the same Rex as Jilly) but I think we've created a superheroes monster. He thinks he can do everything they can do. I get so tired of hearing about all of them. Her narrations crack me up!