Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Need of New Post Titles

Seriously. What it really means, is that I've been lame and not been posting regularly. Because titles like "catching up" and "randomness", I've already used. Hello, inconsistent blogging.

Oh well.

This is the month of birthday parties. Since all of our moms group babies were born around the same time, it means that there are birthday parties a-plenty.

Jocelyn had a pool party - and I took both girls. This was Jessica's first exposure to the water (other than baths and showers, of course). And she really loved it!! Thanks for the pictures, Denise!

Cloth diapers are addictive. Really. I picked up two consigned Happy Heinys diapers at Greenberries the other day. One was cow print and one was monkey print. How is this not adorable???

To completely jump around, Brenna had the coolest thing at Amedeo's birthday party today. It was a balloon hanging from the ceiling, and a paper plate paddle with which to hit said balloon. Jilly loved it and I totally had to make her share with other kids several times during the party. And we got one to take home as a favor!!! Here's Jilly playing with her new balloon toy after nap time!

Thanks for the balloon game idea, Brenna!!!

Jillian started ballet last Monday. I left during her first class to get a couple things done without her - yep, sign me up for the mom-of-the-year award now. Anyhow, I hope to have some pics of her in ballet soon. I do plan on sticking around for her class tomorrow!


Jen said...

What a brilliant balloon game!

Denise said...

That is EXACTLY what Jocelyn did with her balloon. The first words out of her mouth after nap were "want to blow up my balloon!" Ours is in the basement. I think hubby had as much fun with it as she did!