Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I've seen a couple "top ten of 2010" posts and, though belatedly, am totally copying and doing one. So here's our top ten of 2010 (in no particular order)...

1. Knitting.
I re-learned to knit in 2010. After finding myself on "restricted duty" during the pregnancy, I needed something I could do while sitting down that didn't require as much focusing as reading a book would. My grandmother taught me to knit years and years ago, and I tried on my own with a few failed attempts over the years. This time, though, it stuck! I even made some Christmas presents:

2. Preschool.
I signed Jillian up for a six week preschool class offered through Howard County Recreation and Parks. She did just great and it was nice to have a couple hours to myself two days each week!

3. Jessica.
On September 5th, we welcomed Jessica Lynn Tindale into this world. Another crappy labor and delivery experience for me, but we had plenty of complications with this pregnancy and were thrilled to see her arrive safe and sound!

4. Dress up.
Jillian has discovered the joy that is "dress up". I picked up 'costumes' for her at a thrift store during the Halloween season and she now has a dress up box, stocked with all kinds of great outfits! She just LOVES dressing up and being a princess!

5. Tough times.
John was self employed through much of 2010. While business wasn't too hard to come by, customers were slow to pay and we had some real financial struggles. Finding good and affordable health insurance on our own being one of those. We did a lot of cutting back and made it through. John continues to do some work with his own business on the side, but in the fall accepted a full-time job and even did some part-time teaching at night to help us get back on our feet.

6. Bed rest.
Thank goodness the actual bed rest lasted for only a week, but the pregnancy with Jessica was an eventful one. A good part of it was spent on "light duty" for me, with a couple trips to the hospital including a two-night stay in May. And though I felt pretty good most of the time, it was tough to cut back on doing as many physical things as I like to. Luckily the summer was one of the hottest on record and I was pretty happy to be indoors for most of it.

7. Support.
We got tons of support during the pregnancy and after baby Jessica was born. I've never been very good at asking for help, and accepting help, but my friends, family, moms group pals, and church family pitched in to help get us through the pregnancy and those first six weeks of having two kids while John worked day and night. I am touched by how much support we received and tremendously grateful for all of it!

8. The beach.
Jillian just loves going to the beach. And although we didn't have a big family vacation this summer, we did get in a few trips to Sandy Point State Park and a trip to Rehoboth Beach, DE.

9. Cloth diapers.
Jessica has some very sensitive skin. During her first few weeks, she developed and awful diaper rash that just wouldn't clear up. Knowing some folks that use cloth diapers, I did some asking around and was loaned some to try out on Jessica (thanks, Emily2!!). They worked out great, and even though that rash is long gone, I decided to continue cloth diapering.

10. Sisters.
Jillian is quite excited to have a baby sister. She hasn't totally adjusted to not being the "only" anymore, but is really very nice to Jessica. Being an only child myself, I look forward to seeing them grow closer and playing together as they get older. Here it is already January, Jillian is less than two weeks shy of three years old and Jessica is just about four months old!

Happy New Year all!!!


Tara said...

Y'all have had a busy, productive year. Is Jillian going to continue preschool or was it just for the 6 weeks? A starts long-term preschool on Wednesday although he went 4 days in December. He loved it those 4 days and I'm looking forward to some down time (who am I kidding? I know I'll stay busy)!

Mo said...

Great year! Did you know that there's a big knitting group that meets on Wednesday evenings? Columbia Sip and Knit (they're on, and they may be elsewhere). Just FYI :)

Happy New Year!

melaniet42 said...

I did know about the Sip and Knit, but Wednesday nights are the night our church choir practices. So alas, I cannot make it. Maybe over the summer though! Thanks!!