Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleepover and Other Stuff

Thursday night Jillian had her first sleepover! We went and picked up her cousin Mariah in the afternoon and brought her back to our place for the night. As soon as we got home the girls played dress up, watched the ballet movie, and did a lot of jumping around. After dinner, a couple of movies were watched, the jumping ceased (I insisted that the floor needed to rest), and the girls were winding down by around 8pm. A little after 9pm, we headed upstairs for bedtime. Mariah is older than Jillian, by a year and a couple months, so I had to leave the bedroom door *gasp* not gated. Mariah is also a good girl, very sweet, and a great listener. She was ready to go right to sleep! Well, after Jillian got up and out of bed three or four times, she too settled down and the girls slept through the night. Jillian is now sleeping baby-gate free on her own and staying in her room. I heart good examples!!

They had a fabulous time, and I now get the appeal of having a gaggle of kids. At some point, they're going to pair off or group off and play together. You might have to intervene, but groups of kids are more self-entertaining than individuals. And Jillian is pretty good at entertaining herself, but since the baby arrived, I get a lot of, "Mommy, I want doo (juice)", or "Mommy, come wipe myself", or "Mommy, I want watch Toy Stowy wee (three)". I mean, A LOT. So much so that it's not even feasible for me to strap the baby on and try to accomplish anything most days.

Yesterday, while Jilly and her cousin played, I was able to put Jessie in the wrap, cook chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (with extra batter made for this morning's pancakes), wash dishes, run a dishwasher load, make three kinds of baby food, wash, dry, and fold a load of laundry, put Jessica down for an actual morning nap in her crib, get a shower, and blow dry my hair. Wow is all I can say. The girls definitely left quite a mess in their wake (I cleaned up after bedtime Thursday night, but they helped me clean up before Mariah got picked up yesterday), but having some uninterrupted time to get stuff done made the mess SO worth it!

I didn't take many pictures of the girls, but here they are playing dress up.

And the other stuff...
1. I need a new toothbrush. I put my toothbrush under the faucet yesterday morning, turned the water on, and out dropped a stink bug. Right onto my tooth brush. EW!
2. 2011 is the year of simplifying for me. I keep thinking of stuff to get rid of...I feel like the less extraneous stuff we have, the simpler life will feel. The purge began a couple weeks ago when I took two contractor trash bags full of women's and baby girl clothing to Salvation Army. FULL.
3. I'm making baby food this time around. I had every intention of doing it with Jillian, but just never got to it. So this I am getting around to it. And it's a good thing, because Jessica likes to eat!
4. I learned never to cut your child's hair the day before pictures. Luckily, Jillian's hair has a bit of a wave at the end, so it's not too noticeable, but I did a bad job. Also, I always put her hair in pig tails for pictures, so it doesn't look so ratty. I don't think it shows up, but I probably won't try that again...
5. Jessica is a high maintenance baby. Where Jillian used to play alone and entertain herself from day one, Jessica does not. She demands (and I mean DEMANDS. LOUDLY.) almost constant attention, and usually wants to be held. On top of that she's teething. I'm trying to enjoy it, thinking that this will likely be the last baby we have, but it can be frustrating sometimes.
6. And there was some other randomness I thought of to share, but honestly, I can't remember any more of it right now. Go figure...

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Casy Schweickart said...

Sounds like they had a lot of fun and you had your hands full. I'm glad all is going well. ;0)