Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo Shoot

I felt obligated to do a little home photo shoot of Jessica in her baptism dress, since I remember taking pictures of Jillian in hers the day or so after her baptism. Jessie was very cooperative!

And if you wanted to see the ones I took of Jillian almost three years they are! Jillian didn't sit up quite as well, but then again, she was only about two and a half months old, where Jessie is almost five months old now.

Jillian, of course, wouldn't be left out of today's pictures. She insisted on donning the dress she wore yesterday and have her picture taken too.

And, I have to include one of these, lest you think I have a cooperative toddler.


Jen said...

So very sweet. Love the one of the girls with Jillian's mouth wide open. Jessica's expression is, "I don't know about this sister, Mommy!"

Denise said...

Great photos! I love the comparisons you do!