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Happy 3rd Birthday, Jillian!

I can't believe you're three years old already. You are a strong willed and very independent little girl. You love playing dress up and are totally into Barbies and princesses. And you can't wait to start your first ballet class in a couple weeks. I love that you still want to go to the park, play outside, and enjoy your dinosaur toys (T-Rex is your favorite) as much as your girly stuff. You potty trained quickly this fall and do a great job using the potty, both at home and when we're out. You have inherited a love a movies from your mom and dad and over and over watch your favorites...the Toy Story movies, A Christmas Carol, the Harry Potter movies, Iron Man, Iron Giant, and all of the Tim Burton movies that we have. When you find a book you love, I find myself renewing it repeatedly from the library, because you want to read it again and again. Your favorite food by far is chocolate cookies, especially "big chocolate cookies". I love that you enjoy spending time with all of your grandparents and they all look forward to having you visit. Despite your fiesty-ness, you love your baby sister and are sweet and gentle with her. I can't wait to see how you enjoy taking different classes this year...we already have you signed up for ballet and gymnastics. You are a handful, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

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