Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have been pretty far behind on the ole blog here. So this is a catch-up post.

Jillian likes having tea parties. She got a tea cart from her Bubby and Paw-paw for Christmas. She also likes not wearing pants. I wonder where she got THAT from...

Gus the cat likes the walker. He's weird.

Christmas morning was very exciting. Santa brought Jillian a doll house, Toy Story 3, and a Barbie. Jessica got a glow-worm type sea horse and the taggie blanket I made for her.

We have officially entered the Barbie phase of Jilly's childhood. Add that to tea parties, princesses, and dress up, and we have one girly girl. Thank goodness she still likes dinosaurs, playing outside, and generally being a maniac.

Jessica is still a crankier baby than Jillian was, but she spends more and more time happy. Too bad about that teething thing...grrrr! We resurrected the jumper from storage and she enjoys spending time in it. And I couldn't just get one thing out of storage. I grabbed Jilly's sit-n-spin and she's big enough to really enjoy it now!

A couple weeks ago, Jilly had an impromptu play date with one of the boys from church who is just a few weeks her senior. She and Luke are both wild kids, so they played just great together. We had Luke and his mom Sarah over to play this week. This picture says a lot.

And here's little miss princess-dress-up-Barbie-lover herself.

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