Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Painting Nails and Birdhouses

Last night we got a 'real' babysitter for the girls. My mother-in-law usually watches them when we go out for a few hours in the evening, but she was coming down with something, so I reached out to someone from our church. We had been to Walmart in the morning and I saw some teeny, tiny bottles of nail polish in a bunch of different colors. For under $1 each. Score. I let Jillian pick out a color. And Cierra (her babysitter) painted them for her last night while I saw the new Harry Potter movie (and John got stuck working). The outing was a success, Jillian had a great time, and the baby was asleep when I got home! Here are the awesome fingernails!

Today we went to Joann and Jillian found these little $1 birdhouses. I let her pick one out to paint at home. Clearly it won't be an outside birdhouse, but what a cool idea for Christmas gifts for grandparents! We may still do more yet...

Jessica is learning how her hands work, and how to use them to get things into her mouth. Like her bug.

And lastly, I made Jessie's Christmas present today! It's a 12"x12" blanket inspired by the Taggies blankets. This was attempt #2, after a failed attempt #1 that Jillian seems to have become attached to.


Jen said...

Love the blanket! What a great idea to add the pom poms on the bottom.

Brenna said...

that blankie looks great, mel! jillian is doing a good job with her birdhouse. amedeo painted his all brown. sigh.