Monday, November 29, 2010


I do believe that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Normally, I despise shopping, but for some reason, shopping for Christmas presents is really fun for me. I have found that this season can leave me a bit overwhelmed, so I've made a big effort for several years now to not have to go to the mall (or any major shopping venue) after Thanksgiving. Because I dislike crowds. Greatly.

Shopping for gifts has been easier for me since we cut back and only give gifts to our parents, our kids, and each other. And we aren't worrying about gifts for each other this year; we're probably going to pool what money we would have spent and splurge on a new tv. After picking up knitting again this year, I decided everyone would get scarves. Well, I didn't make them for everyone, but the ladies of our family will be getting handmade scarves. I picked gifts for the men of the family, and ordered one online before Thanksgiving. We've got Josh's main gifts and already too much stuff for Jillian (some of it will get put in her 'birthday' pile for January). And just like that, I feel like I'll be able to relax and enjoy the season a bit more!

So I'm curious...are you done your shopping? Have you started? Am I a total weirdo for hating to shop after Thanksgiving? Take the poll on the left hand side and weigh in!

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T said...

I haven't even started...shhh! Want to do my shopping? Oh wait, I would have to give you a "to buy" list. That's the problem...I don't even know what to buy!