Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Cloth Diapering Adventure

Several weeks ago, Jessica developed a nasty diaper rash. And by nasty, I mean REALLY nasty. Her skin was bright red, hot to the touch, inflamed, etc. And no creams did anything to help it heal. For a while I washed her butt with baby soap and water after every poop, and that helped it stop getting worse, but it was no closer to getting better, either. My next thought was that I'd have to cloth diaper. Followed by this thought: "UGH".

Now, cloth diapers have come a long way from when I was a baby. But still, I've never had any desire to cloth diaper. You see, I don't like poop. Especially having to touch poop. And the idea of cloth diapering doesn't mesh well with my dislike of poop. Thankfully, my friend Emily had used cloth diapers and happened to have a handful of them not in use by her baby Henry. She offered to let me borrow them, and you know what? It wasn't that bad! After about three days, Jessica's diaper rash had completely healed.

After her rash healed, I started playing with the balance of disposables on the go and overnight and cloth diapers at home. Because who wants to rinse poop out of a cloth diaper at 2am? Certainly not me....

My other friend Jill had a couple of a different brand cloth diaper that she had received as a gift and never used. And was not going to use. So she offered them to me. I've found that each brand has features that I like, but I've got to tell you something. These FuzziBunz are super soft! They feel like fleece against Jessica's skin. The downside? The inserts are VERY bulky. But (now I hope I don't jinx it here) I think she is really warm and cozy in them. The past three nights I have put her in the FuzziBunz for the beginning of the night. And she has slept no less than 7.5 hours in them!!! It could be a total coincidence, but seriously? Waking for the first time with the baby at 4am is fan-tastic!

Here are pictures from today of Jessie in her cloth diapers - both kinds. So you can see what I mean by bulky!

Picture #1: Emily's Bum Genius diaper
Picture #2: Jill's FuzziBunz diaper

Needless to say, this has been an adventure I had not anticipated, and little by little, I think I am actually preferring the cloth diapers. Who knew?

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Emily said...

My evil plan to convert you is working... mwah ha ha!!

Seriously, tho- I'm so glad she's feeling better!!

Lets meet up Tuesday during school. :-)