Monday, November 8, 2010

Clemyjontri Park

Today we took a 'quick' trip to Virginia! We stopped at the Falls Church Trader Joe's to stock up on some inexpensive wine. And it occurred to me to look and see where Clemyjontri Park was exactly. I've been meaning to take Jillian to visit for some time now, and just haven't gotten around to it. Turns out it was only about six miles from our Trader Joe's destination and on the way home. So of course, we stopped to do some playing!

Clemyjontri is a two acre playground that was designed specifically so that "children with and without disabilities can play side-by-side". It's really neat, and if it hadn't been so windy today (what is it with us picking windy days to do outdoor stuff???), we would have had lunch there and stayed even longer.

There were tons of these springy ride-ons.

I thought this fire engine was awesome. Jillian is on it, but was on and off everything so fast I could barely keep up. There was LOTS to see and play with!

Jilly did great learning to climb across these, and they had neat 'practice' areas with bars to work on new skills.

Jillian really liked running through the maze. And it had all sorts of cool stuff in it...from panels depicting dinosaurs, to maps of the US, to the solar system, and more!

Jillian can never pass up swings, and here she's trying out the different swings, with higher backs designed for children who need extra support. I thought it looked a lot like being strapped in and ready to ride a roller coaster!

This playground definitely goes on our 'visit again' list!


Brenna said...

that does sound like a good destination. we'll have to give it a try before it gets too cold.

Emily said...

gah! i still owe you for wine!! i have the cashola!