Monday, October 11, 2010

We Love Thrifting!

Our favorite thrift store (thanks Em1 for turning me on to it!) had a 50% off sale today for the Columbus Day holiday. The parking lot was NUTS and the store was pretty packed, but I wanted to pick up some more dress up clothes for Jillian before they packed them away after Halloween.

We scored:
- a sitting-on-Santa's-lap outfit for Jessica
- a Halloween pumpkin costume for Jessica
- 4 dress up costumes for Jillian
- 2 dress up purses for Jillian
- 3 long sleeved nighties for Jillian
- 3 fleece footie pajamas from Carter's for Jillian

All for a whopping $20.51 after tax. Yeah, I'd say we did good. One of these days I'm going to shop for myself for a change...

During nap time, I washed Jilly's new dress up clothes, and after she got up, she wanted to play dress up. She modeled all her new duds.

Then Jillian did some dancing. She turns on all her musical things at the same time and goes to town. It's kind of annoying, but mostly cute.

Then Jillian played with her hats. Apparently I had to wear them too.

Completely off topic, potty training has been going well. We had a poop accident yesterday, but beyond that she's been great at using the potty on her own while we're here at the house. We have a "prize box" that she can choose something from when she has a successful potty day. One of her prizes was a cheapie recorder that I picked up from the dollar store. She loves all things musical - here she is playing it today.

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emk said...

Such great finds! They definitely have way more girl clothes, and all that dress-up stuff is so cool! Glad you had a good day AND that potty training is going well!