Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Through the Years

Halloween 2008 - Left to Right: Jocelyn, Jillian, Cadence, Leora, Amedeo, Jack.

Halloween 2009 - Left to Right: Amedeo, Brooks, Cadence, Colin, Jack, Jillian, Jocelyn.

Halloween 2010 - Left to Right: Jocelyn, baby Henry's costume (he was napping), Jack, baby Jessica, Jillian, Amedeo, Brooks.

After baby Henry woke up, we snapped some pictures of he and Jessica with their costumes. And without!


Denise said...

Minus the photos of Henry and Jessica, we were on very similar blogging wavelengths today! Too cute!

emk said...

Amedeo is looking like he's just not sure about that shifty-looking Giant Raffie!