Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Playing Around

Jessica hanging out on her quilt - the color is kind of weird since we had sunlight and for some odd reason my camera flashed too.

Jillian joined in the fun - notice the Toy Story shirt (Old Navy bargain #1 today, less than $4) and fluffy skirt (Old Navy bargain #2 today, less than $3).

Jillian's doing this fingers-in-mouth thing that grosses me out. I think we're putting a stop to that ASAP.

Jillian just loves playing with her dinosaur!

Jillian covering up Jessica with a blanket...GENTLY!

Jessie chillin'.

What is it they say? Reduce, reuse, recycle? Re-use in effect!

Jessica - recognize that outfit?


Brenna said...

I love the little baby velour outfits! so cute!

Emily said...

they do look quite a bit alike, don't they?!