Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day. What constitutes a good day around here, you ask? I'll tell you...

1. We had a successful play date at Storyville. By successful I mean the baby didn't shriek the whole time and Jillian displayed minimal "attitude" and had no potty accidents.

2. Jillian made poop in the potty again!

3. Naps were taken by all three of us.

4. I did multiple loads of laundry, folded some of it, ran a dishwasher load, and put the clean dishes away.

5. Jilly and I both consumed three meals. I cooked dinner last night so it was ready to re-heat for us tonight.

6. Both children got bathed.

7. I straightened up the living room before bed time.

8. Both girls were in bed before 9:30pm. Not asleep mind you, but in bed.

9. I remembered to take the recyclables out.

10. I have wine.

I barely remember what defined a "good day" before having kids, but I'm sure the list looked nothing like this one. Now if only every day could be like this!


Brenna said...

that list is a fantastic accomplishment! You could be happy if you only made it through half of those things! way to go!

Emily said...

I relate to this.