Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catching Up

Last Friday we went to Melissa's house for a play date. Jilly and Sadie played dress up in Sadie's princess clothes.

Melissa was kind enough to snap a couple pictures of me and Jessie and me with both my girls.

Jessica is one month old today. Jillian still likes her. Bonus!

Jessie also likes sleeping in our bed. No clue what the appeal is, but I think it's pretty comfy too.

Jillian is officially potty training. I'm giving her the whole month, but I am DONE with buying diapers. At least for day-time wear. I made a "Potty Training" Chart for Jillian, on which I had intended to draw potty pictures, but I'm not much of an artist, so it ended up pretty plain. The idea is that Jillian gets to put a star sticker up on the appropriate day for each time she pee-pees in the potty. And she has special butterfly stickers for each poop in the potty. I improvised and sweetened the pot with 2 smarties for each pee-pee and have already promised a lollipop for a poop in the potty. I was going to add a monetary incentive (bribe), but it seems that putting a sticker on the chart herself and getting candy is reward enough. I also picked up some "prizes" at Ollie's that she'll get once a day for being generally 'good' about it. Yesterday she was rewarded with a Tinker Bell chapstick that I picked up months ago at Target for $1. So far, she's doing great with peeing on the potty (after a slow start yesterday morning). Apparently it helps to pump them with liquid...DUH. All her pees have been unprompted and she had two accidents yesterday evening (both while wearing big girl pants), and only one accident so far today. I'd call that successful so far!


Denise said...

That's a luxury potty if I ever saw one. Good luck on the potty training. I'm seriously thinking about doing this in a couple of weeks. Next weekend Jocelyn is a flower girl in a friend's wedding. I am NOT dealing with the potty before then!! Hope it goes well for you guys!

Emily said...

Still liking the little sis is a HUGE deal- I agree. We went through a not-liking phase, right around the time Henry started reaching for Jack's face or toys or whatever.