Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in the Great Outdoors

Today the weather has been cool and sunny; my definition of a perfect day for a walk at the park. I technically haven't been cleared for "exercise" yet since it hasn't been six weeks since Jessica was born, but I put Jessie in the stroller and let Jillian walk today, figuring Jilly's pace is much slower than my walking pace. Which it was...GRRR.

Our favorite stroller-friendly section of trail has been re-paved and re-opened. Hooray!

Jillian actually posing for a picture in front of the "wa-wee" (water). Too bad about the sun behind me.

One of Jillian's less slow moments.

Jillian loves exploring.

I thought this leaf was pretty cool looking.

We found some rocks. Don't know how that binkie got in the picture. I told Jillian that the park was a binkie-free zone and got to keep it in my pocket for most of the walk. Of course, the binkie-free comment prompted Jillian to insist that we go home. Nice.

One of Jillian's slower walking moments. If there's something Jessica loves more than eating, it's being in motion. Seriously, this is what happened every time we stopped or slowed down too much.

Saw this mushroom (actually a group of mushrooms) and thought it was pretty gross. Looks like something had been eating it...

The girls were looking at something here...just not me.

Jillian got at snack of her own at Lost Lake while I fed Jessie before heading home.

I can't wait for the fall colors to really hit; this is totally my favorite time of the year. Jillian will be starting the HoCo Rec & Parks pre-school program the week after next for two days each week in the morning, so by then I'll be able to actually walk and get some exercise. Can't.Wait.

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Casy Schweickart said...

She is getting so tall! Fall is in full swing here and the colors are so wonderful. I love fall!!