Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Mommy, Play Me!"

This is what I've been hearing for the last couple weeks since Jillian has really stepped up her vocabulary and talking. And I've been trying to honor that request, even when I don't really feel like it, since I know soon we're both going to be making a big adjustment and that our alone time together is going to be cut down considerably. So this morning I promised we'd play. I got out her container of beads, which she could play for hours with, dumped some into a bowl, cut her some "necklace string", and let her go to town. Totally random thought: you can see Jilly's artwork on the easel behind her. I just *heart* that Ikea easel. Totally inexpensive and it gets doodled on almost daily!

She's really quite good with threading the beads onto the string.

Modeling her necklace. No, she didn't want any more beads than this on it. And definitely NO to repeating any of the same big beads. Seriously, if she got two, say, fish beads, she'd say, "too many".

As we were putting the beads away, she saw our pipe cleaners. And immediately wanted to play with one, aka, make another necklace. We started with one to make a bracelet.

Jillian wanted more and more beads on it, so I twisted another pipe cleaner on and she ended up making a second necklace. The letters on the necklace are just random. We have some letter beads in her bead container and these are just what happened to come out in the assortment that I gave her to play with today.

I tried getting her to smile wearing her finished necklaces. The first picture merely indicated boredom. I thought this was much cuter...though not really a smile! This is what we call our sad face...


Emily said...

Artist in the making! She's got an eye and she's moody ;-)

Brenna said...

sounds like a fun activity!