Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, we've been home from the hospital for almost a week now and I've been totally slacking on the blogging front. So...now that I gave it a new look yesterday, I'm going to post.

Let's start with the labor/delivery excitement! As some of you may know, I really wanted to have a VBAC this time around. My labor and delivery experience with Jillian was less than ideal to put it mildly. I was quite concerned that my body wouldn't go into labor on its own by the scheduled c-section date of 9/9/10. Lo and behold, last Sunday, I woke up with some discomfort in my pelvis. I started timing contractions three times during the day, and by around 2-3pm, I decided to give the doctor a call. The contractions weren't earth shattering, but they were about 4 minutes apart and lasting for about a minute in duration. I was SO hoping it wasn't false labor again. And it wasn't! ;-)

We rounded up the kids (we had Josh with us for the long weekend), grabbed our bags, and headed to the hospital; grandparents were en route to pick up the small ones. I was only about 2cm when we got to the hospital, but they hooked me up and monitored me. All I could think was...seriously, we are NOT going home at this point. We had a very nice nurse when we got there, and another nice nurse at shift change. I learned last time that this is pretty important...after having a nurse that didn't listen to me one little bit.

Upon reviewing my chart, the nurse used a term that I hadn't heard before: precipitous labor. Apparently this is what happened last time. Due to the pitocin during induction, or just being the way my body is, they knew that this was a possibility. We had arrived around 4-5pm. I stuck around 2cm for a while, but the contractions got stronger. Then I was 3-4cm. Then 4cm. Then BAM (as Emeril would say), 20 minutes later I was at 7cm. Bye-bye chances for epidural. Hello miserable pain. My doctor came late again, with the house doctor already in attendance, as I had mentioned that I felt like I HAD to push. Yep, 9.5cm. Problem: baby was not far enough down and I still wasn't "open" all the way. But unbearable pain and uncontrollable urge to push (and spew foul, evil things from my mouth at pretty much everyone at this point). And all I can think is...not again. Yep, emergency c-section, general anesthesia for mommy, waiting room for daddy. But Jessica Lynn Tindale was born at 11:50pm; 7 pounds even, 20.5 inches. And she came out healthy and screaming. At least this time they were prepared for the situation and the baby didn't crash. But still. Really? Who does this? Twice? Grrrr.


Denise said...

What a story! But at least it has a happy ending! Can't wait to meet her!

Emily said...

She's so precious, I want to eat her up!!

Brenna said...

I was dying to hear the story. Thanks for the recap!

She is so sweet....so sweet!