Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Preg Update

It sure has been an interesting couple of days...

Sunday morning I woke up not feeling great. I spent some time working outside Saturday since it wasn't a miserable, hot day, and perhaps I overdid it. Perhaps my allergies acted up and triggered a major sinus attack. Whatever it was, I had a major tummy-bug-type-issue Sunday morning. Which of course led to me being dehydrated (I found out today I lost 2.5 pounds...). Which led to what? Contractions. And when I say contractions, I don't mean a couple. I mean hours of consistent, frequent contractions. After a few phone calls with the on-call doc, spending some quiet time with my timer (thank you contraction timer Droid app), packing a hospital bag, and calling my parents to come pick up Jillian just in case, they slowed in frequency in the evening and eventually tapered off by around 9/10pm. What a let down. I know it's still early, but my body has demonstrated an issue with going into labor unassisted. So after my initial "oh, crap!" feelings, I was starting to get a bit hopeful as the day progressed. No such luck.

I slept horribly Sunday night. As in, practically not at all. I couldn't get comfortable ANYWHERE, had tummy acid issues all night long, and eventually fell asleep in Jillian's bed which just happened to be firm enough with a nice fan blowing on it. Poor John couldn't even find me in the morning.

Monday I felt like I had hit a wall. If you've ever been this pregnant, you know THE WALL. The one where you rethink everything and are totally sure you won't be able to carry as long as you wanted to just two days ago. I walked through Target to pick up about ten things and even toddler-free it took me about an hour and a half. I was just brain dead, exhausted, and sore. I was totally ready to call it quits at 39 weeks and schedule a c-section.

Luckily, my doctor appointment didn't come around until today, and after a decent night's sleep, I felt 100% better. I still feel mega-pregnant and would like to go into labor sooner rather than later, but I don't feel as much like giving up yet. So the section is scheduled officially for 9/9/10 (41 weeks) at 2pm. And despite me thinking my body won't do this on its own, I had the doc check me today...and of course I'm not a bit dilated after all that contracting Sunday. Not surprising, though a bit disappointing.

So that's what's been going on in our world. Everything else is fine. Just wrapping up some baby stuff. Painted the nursery today. I'm going to try and finish washing baby clothes and putting together nursery furniture and the bassinet this week. Another good report from the doctor today with BP at 100/60, and they're not worried about the weight loss since the baby has been measuring fine and I'm fully hydrated again. They ran some additional blood tests (of course...they're a bit alarmist) because my last ultrasound showed a "slight" increase in amniotic fluid. All tests came back negative. Which is good. But I swear I feel like I'm on a roller coaster here; some days I feel like I just can't do it anymore and others I feel like September 9th is just around the corner. One thing I do know, though, is that I will be VERY happy to hold this baby girl in my arms finally, whenever and however she arrives, since this has been a bit of a bumpy ride!!


Emily said...

I'm crossing fingers and toes for ya!!

Tara said...

I remember some of the feelings you described but especially the feeling of contractions. I don't think that feeling ever leaves. I only made it to 37 weeks and I wasn't quite ready to have Andrew because although I wanted to meet him, I was enjoying my pregnancy for the most part. When I went into the hospital and they said I would have a baby within the day, it was just surreal.

Hang on! She will be here soon!

Brenna said...

I'm glad you didn't go into early labor....I hope that you go into labor at the perfect time. LUCK!

Lindsey said...

You are doing AWESOME!!! I can't wait to follow along your updates, even though now it will be from afar. Will miss you!