Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playdate and a Party

This morning we met up with Emily1, Brooks, Brenna, and Amedeo at the scrap tire playground. The kids had a great time running around, climbing, and generally being kids. Us moms had a nice time catching up. And yes, the picture in the upper, right-hand corner is one of Jillian jumping off the slide. This activity entertained her for quite some time...little daredevil!

Since we were already in Catonsville, Jilly and I stopped by the farmers market for some yummies. We picked up a cantaloupe and some goodies from Keyes Creamery out of Aberdeen, MD. And by goodies, I mean a block of smoked cheddar cheese and a pint of cookies 'n' cream ice cream. 'Cuz what pregnant chick doesn't love cheese and ice cream? Seriously. Awesome.

We came home for lunch, had some ice cream, and "napped". Meaning Jillian didn't nap at all, but did play quietly in her room for a while. Then we headed up to my mom's house to carpool to a surprise birthday party for my grandmother, who is turning 90 years old on Friday.

The ladies in her community planned and organized the party, and it was quite the event. We're so grateful that she's found such a nice community of people in her age group; they all seem very close.

Here are some pics of the party...

Dottie arriving with Helen to the party (Dottie is my grandmother, she is the one wearing the plaid shirt)

Dottie being surprised.

Dottie and my Uncle Doug.

Dottie's cake that one of the ladies made and Dottie cutting her cake. It was a very good cake.

Jillian feeding cake to my mom (her "NiNi"), and my mom feeding cake to Jillian.

Family picture time - four generations! The amazing thing about these pictures is that none of us look terrible in them. Really, our family is not known for having the best family pictures...
Pic#1: me, my Aunt Betsy, my mom, Jillian, Dottie
Pic#2: Jillian, me, my mom, Dottie

Jillian getting Dottie and one of her friends to swing her...

And last, but not least, a picture of Jillian actually smiling for the camera on purpose!

It's been a big day and hopefully Jilly and I will both sleep great tonight!


Emily said...

It looks like the tire playground was a blast! Hopefully I can make it next time.

I love generational pictures like that, so special!

Brenna said...

Happy birthday to your gramma...very cute pics...I especially like the surprised one!