Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today's plan was to stay home. I like to have at least one stay-at-home day each week, being a stay-at-home-mom and all... I awoke to a cranky toddler demanding a trip to the park. I wouldn't consider myself a nature "enthusiast" or anything, but I've spent my time camping, fishing, and just generally being outdoors. And have enjoyed most of it. Therefore, I encourage Jillian to be comfortable with spending time outside, and even want her to enjoy it. Which means when the weather is not unbearably hot, I try to honor requests to "play outside" or go to the "park".

So we dropped by the office in Clarksville so I could try and clear up some accounts receivable issues (big surprise there...) with the promise of a trip to the park afterward. We left the office around 11am and headed to the airport park. I wanted to be able to get a walk in somewhere relatively level and try to jiggle this baby loose before it got too hot. And the airport trail (at least where we park) is nice and flat. Upon arrival, here's another big surprise, the 39 week pregnant chick (me) had to pee. I spotted the port-a-potties, turned my nose up at that idea, and decided to see if I could hold it. Don't laugh; I hate port-a-potties. Especially in the summer. And with a toddler. *shudder*

We got about a half mile down the trail and got to a little pine tree grove-like area where Jillian likes to play and pick up pine cones. I learned something awesome today. What I learned, is that even at 39 weeks pregnant, I can still squat and pee behind a tree. And get back up. I laughed extra hard later thinking that Brenna and Emily1 and I were just talking about this very subject yesterday.

Anyhow, Jillian got to learn more about cicadas, as there was an abundance of cicada shells where we were. I couldn't get her to hold one long enough for a picture, but she didn't freak out about touching one either.

Then we found a bunch of different kinds of mushrooms. I wish I knew more about the types, but I don't, so I told her that we use a stick to touch them. Of course, that wasn't totally effective... But at least none made it to her mouth.

After our little nature experience and walk, Jilly got to play on the playground for a while, then we came home for lunch. Sandwiches and a little more of that awesome ice cream we picked up yesterday at the farmers market. It's amazing how much better she eats when bribed with "a little ice cream" after lunch!


emk said...

HA HA HA HA! Such funny timing!

Brenna said...

You rock, Mel!

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