Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ladies...I Need Some Advice

Guys, you can chime in too I guess, if there are any guys out there that read this, but it just seemed like a chick thing to me...

Over the past year, my hair has gotten increasingly grayer (imagine that, having a two year old...). My favorite solution, highlighting to blend them in, no longer does the trick, and all over dyeing is what I've had to resort to. Of course, that leads to one of my least favorite things ever. Roots.

The Problem

My hair is growing like crazy right now, and my roots are positively driving me nuts. I know I need to re-dye. Herein lies the problem. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow. If I carry long and don't go into labor on my own, I'll have a c-section at 41 weeks...and I'll have roots again. Yuck. I'd rather not have a line of nasty gray roots for those first "baby and me" pictures. Silly, perhaps, but seriously, that moment is captured photographically forever. So here's what I need advice I dye it tomorrow and feel better instantly and hope that I go into labor in the next couple weeks so my hair doesn't look horrible? Or do I avoid mirrors for the next week or two and wait to dye it so that it looks good closer to the final stretch, assuming I carry until 41 weeks?

Weigh in please - I need help!!!!


Tara said...

Hide the mirrors and wait a week. Little Jessica might decide to hang out in there for a while.

When I was pregnant with Andrew, I was so worried about getting my hair highlighted with the chemicals and all, that I didn't get it done for 9 months. If there is a next time, I will get my hair done on my regular 8-10 week schedule.

Anonymous said...

hi baby,live from the OBX.
Dye the roots, but only on the hairline & part. Wait 2 weeks, and get the whole head done. When you do the hairline & part only, it doesn't take the same effort, but covers enough that you don't get the skunk stripe.

Call me on my cell when you get a free moment (yes, I know you have a 2.5 yo). Big news.
PS. kisses :-)

Party of Nine said...

Do it now and then touch it up next month :)