Thursday, August 12, 2010

Howard County Fair 2010

With this ridiculously hot summer we've been experiencing, I had pretty well given up hope of taking Jillian to the HoCo Fair this year. Then I was awakened by some pretty nasty thunderstorms this morning (who am I kidding, I was already awake...grrr). I managed to fall back asleep, and when I got up around 9am, it wasn't already in the mid-80s! Actually, it was only about 70 degrees. So I figured, hey, it's $1 ride day, let's go to the fair.

And I'm very glad that we did. Jillian enjoyed herself tremendously, and I wasn't miserable. That's pretty much as win-win as it gets right now.

Since the rides didn't open until 1pm, we started out with a pony ride (which was a bit on the pricey side at $5, but she loves riding ponies and since she's too short to ride most of the other rides - more on that later - I splurged).

Then we headed off to the Kiddie Barn with a detour to see some sheep and cows. Jilly's favorite activity here was the cornbox (instead of sand). This was my unsuccessful attempt at trying to photograph her jumping into it.

We took a play break to color a pig.

Then we saw some real pigs. I feel like this just about every afternoon. And I only have one right now!!

Of course Jillian liked the tractors.

We ate.

We supported our favorite gubernatorial candidate (if you didn't know it was an election year, you would have known it by the time you left the fair).

I let Jillian play a couple games. She really likes playing the games better than actually getting the prizes...especially the ducks. This time, it was all about playing in the water.

We saw a lot of this today. Apparently there are NO rides at the fair that a child under 36" can ride alone. Bummer for Jillian. The bigger bummer is that she really wanted to ride the choo-choo and it didn't allow adults.

We rode the carousel twice instead.

Yes, we had a nice time at the fair, and hopefully Jillian will be 36" by next summer. I'm not totally optimistic; genetics are not working in her favor on this one!


emk said...

I am SURE she'll be 36 inches by next summer!! No prob! Glad you still managed to have fun!

Denise said...

We are going tomorrow with my Dad and Step Mom. I guess my short stuff will have the same ride / height problem, but we'll look out for the corn box and the ducks!!

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