Monday, August 23, 2010

Ahhh...Back to "Normal"

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is walk. Not just to get some exercise, but frankly, I like being outdoors. And if I can get some exercise while being outdoors, that's a bonus. And Jillian likes to be outside. Since my first episode of bleeding this pregnancy (back at 20 weeks) I've been restricted from doing any form of exercise. And it's been a bit of a bummer for me. Luckily, since summer started in full swing, it's been SO FREAKIN' HOT I haven't really missed doing a lot of outdoor stuff. We woke up to an actual nice day today, and because I'm completely off restriction now, we went for a walk - hooray!!

We ventured over to the state park for a non-strenuous stroll. We drove up to our "usual" parking area only to find that the non-strenuous trail we like is closed for re-paving. BUMMER.

I like it because it is paved (bonus for a stroller) but closed to vehicle traffic (bigger bonus for having a toddler that doesn't want to stay in a stroller). Jillian likes it because it runs next to the railroad tracks, so not only do we get to go to the park, we often get to see a choo-choo while we're there. Plan B. We drove to the other side of the river and parked up by the swinging bridge and took the River Road Trail. Success. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the choo-choo, but we still got to hear it when it came through.

We walked from the swinging bridge up to Bloedes Dam and back.

I usually make Jillian stay in the stroller on the way to our destination, and then let her walk on the way back. She hasn't been really excited about me taking her picture lately.

But if you take enough pictures, you're bound to sneak a couple good shots!

We found a hill for Jillian to hike.

Coming down was a bit of a challenge.

But why go slow when you can run fast? She did the downhill run on this muddy little trail over and over. I swear we'd still be there if I didn't tell her it was time to go.

So that was our exciting morning out this week. We didn't get as long of a walk in, but I guess just over a mile and a half is a good start for not having gotten any exercise in months. I will say that I am SO looking forward to fall and the cooler weather it will bring. It does look like this week will be nicer than most we've had recently, so we're planning on at least one more outside adventure, but maybe more!


Lindsey said...

I know I've only been gone a week...but man, she looks SO big! Miss you guys!

Brenna said...

I love the trails in that area. It will be so nice when the cooler weather is here to stay! Glad you had fun and snapped some good pics!

Party of Nine said...

Looks like a lovely walk! But, girl, you better stay close to home!!!