Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the Archives

Well, kind of. Jillian spent a couple nights at my parents' house and my mom always takes pictures at family events and when Jilly is visiting. It occurred to me to grab her camera and bring it home with me this time, so I could download some of her pictures that I don't have already. I must say, that memory card has pictures going two years back! So today I'll be sharing some of the gems that my mom has captured from early 2009 through, well, yesterday!

My Grandmother Dottie and Jillian at Jillian's first birthday party, with Aunt Betsy in the background, January 2009.

Dottie again, and cousin Trinity, swinging at Aunt Betsy's house for some family gathering, March 2009.

My stepdad and Jillian at Aunt Betsy's beach house last spring, May 2009.

My stepdad and Jillian at some car show and checking out some animals while John and I were in England last summer, June 2009.

Me dropping off Jillian at my parents for a random weekend (based on the timing, quite possibly the weekend we made her a little sister LOL!). Also, Jillian with my parents' cat Chloe, December 2010.

Jillian and her brother Josh holding hands and swinging, this past Easter, 2010.

Me and Jillian at Rehoboth Beach, last month, June 2010. Funny how I looked at the picture of us on the helicopter ride and my first thought was, "Why do I look so pudgy in the tummy?". Clearly a case of pregnant brain...

And last but not least, Jillian playing (in the birdbath...EW!) up at my parents' house just yesterday.


emk said...

love the chronological montages! and those are great smiles in the most recent pics!

Emily said...

i like that you 'forgot' you're pregnant, crack me up!