Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Break

It seems that for a few days this week, we're getting a little break from the mega-nasty heat wave we've been enduring. I took full advantage of it today and we headed to Sandy Point this morning for a little beach time. I was going to go walking, but hey, I'll get plenty of walking in after the little one is born, and not so much beach time. So the beach won. (as a total aside, I figured out how they charge for admission - children in car seats are free)

I found out this morning that my pregnant brain struck again and it appears that in my major donation spree (aka cleaning out the closets) I donated the only maternity bathing suit that fit me. Oops. I managed to fit into a tankini that I had from my non-pregnant days, just showing a bit of the pregnant belly - no way that was going to fit into the suit. Oh well...at least something sort of worked.

Jillian has not been into playing in the water this summer. She loved it last year, but this year it seems to terrify her. Until today! She was convinced enough to try putting her toes in the water and then she took little baby steps until she was almost waist deep. Then getting her out of it (and making sure she didn't venture out too far on her own) were the biggest problems!! Hooray!!

I'm sure by the time August rolls around the jelly fish will have taken over - they were out today, but it wasn't too bad. We had so much fun today that we may even aim for another short trip later in the week...Friday's weather is looking promising!

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Emily said...

I'm glad you had fun, and found a suit to wear, pregnant without the ablilty to go in the water would be NO picnic.