Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby/Pregnancy Update

Disclaimer: if you don't care for details about the female reproductive system, you probably should stop reading this post now. If not, read on!

As many of you know, this pregnancy has had its share of complications (see this post for background). I wanted to give everyone a quick update after this week's doctors appointments.

I visited my OB earlier in the week. My stats are still great, and I've finally gained a little weight - five pounds!! We talked about at what point they would schedule another c-section for me. The answer was: if my placenta was still too low-lying for a vaginal birth, they'd schedule a section at 39 weeks (August 26th), but if it moved far enough away from my cervix (2 cm), they'll let me carry until 41 weeks (September 9th).

I had another follow up ultrasound at MFM at the hospital yesterday (with whom I've been very impressed through this whole pregnancy). At this point they still consider my placenta low-lying, but borderline. Basically, it isn't the 2 cm away from my cervix that they'd like to see for a vaginal birth, but it is 1.5 cm away. And there is NOTHING covering my cervix anymore. Score!!

That means I'm basically off restriction, though at this point in the summer, I don't see myself going for many long, strenuous walks in 90+ degree weather. Oh yeah, and my husband and I can resume "normal marital relations" as I will delicately put it. :-) After not being able to do so since 20 weeks, we're pretty happy about that. Seriously.

The baby is weighing in around 4 pounds, 12 ounces; 32nd percentile for 34 weeks. Basically, right on. Jillian only weighed in around 7 pounds 6 ounces at birth at a day shy of 42 weeks. The baby still has plenty of room to move around and does so frequently. This is clearly a good thing, since she spends most of her time transverse in utero. Over the next few weeks, she needs to get consistently facing head down, and then we can work on getting me to go into labor by 41 weeks.

So finally, some pretty freaking good news!!!


Lindsey said...

Yay for good news!! I like the new blog look too.

Tara said...

Great news but you know what? I thought you were having a boy! Maybe because EVERYBODY I know that is pregnant (~10) is having a boy.