Friday, July 30, 2010

Deja Vu

Here's something you won't hear me say very often this summer: the weather was AWESOME today! Low humidity, breezy, sunny. We took full advantage of the niceness and headed back to Sandy Point again. The water was even less bath-water-like and cooler today (I only spotted one jellyfish the whole time we were there!). What could be better? Oh yeah, more days like this to finish out this super hot summer we've been having!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Break

It seems that for a few days this week, we're getting a little break from the mega-nasty heat wave we've been enduring. I took full advantage of it today and we headed to Sandy Point this morning for a little beach time. I was going to go walking, but hey, I'll get plenty of walking in after the little one is born, and not so much beach time. So the beach won. (as a total aside, I figured out how they charge for admission - children in car seats are free)

I found out this morning that my pregnant brain struck again and it appears that in my major donation spree (aka cleaning out the closets) I donated the only maternity bathing suit that fit me. Oops. I managed to fit into a tankini that I had from my non-pregnant days, just showing a bit of the pregnant belly - no way that was going to fit into the suit. Oh least something sort of worked.

Jillian has not been into playing in the water this summer. She loved it last year, but this year it seems to terrify her. Until today! She was convinced enough to try putting her toes in the water and then she took little baby steps until she was almost waist deep. Then getting her out of it (and making sure she didn't venture out too far on her own) were the biggest problems!! Hooray!!

I'm sure by the time August rolls around the jelly fish will have taken over - they were out today, but it wasn't too bad. We had so much fun today that we may even aim for another short trip later in the week...Friday's weather is looking promising!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby/Pregnancy Update

Disclaimer: if you don't care for details about the female reproductive system, you probably should stop reading this post now. If not, read on!

As many of you know, this pregnancy has had its share of complications (see this post for background). I wanted to give everyone a quick update after this week's doctors appointments.

I visited my OB earlier in the week. My stats are still great, and I've finally gained a little weight - five pounds!! We talked about at what point they would schedule another c-section for me. The answer was: if my placenta was still too low-lying for a vaginal birth, they'd schedule a section at 39 weeks (August 26th), but if it moved far enough away from my cervix (2 cm), they'll let me carry until 41 weeks (September 9th).

I had another follow up ultrasound at MFM at the hospital yesterday (with whom I've been very impressed through this whole pregnancy). At this point they still consider my placenta low-lying, but borderline. Basically, it isn't the 2 cm away from my cervix that they'd like to see for a vaginal birth, but it is 1.5 cm away. And there is NOTHING covering my cervix anymore. Score!!

That means I'm basically off restriction, though at this point in the summer, I don't see myself going for many long, strenuous walks in 90+ degree weather. Oh yeah, and my husband and I can resume "normal marital relations" as I will delicately put it. :-) After not being able to do so since 20 weeks, we're pretty happy about that. Seriously.

The baby is weighing in around 4 pounds, 12 ounces; 32nd percentile for 34 weeks. Basically, right on. Jillian only weighed in around 7 pounds 6 ounces at birth at a day shy of 42 weeks. The baby still has plenty of room to move around and does so frequently. This is clearly a good thing, since she spends most of her time transverse in utero. Over the next few weeks, she needs to get consistently facing head down, and then we can work on getting me to go into labor by 41 weeks.

So finally, some pretty freaking good news!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the Archives

Well, kind of. Jillian spent a couple nights at my parents' house and my mom always takes pictures at family events and when Jilly is visiting. It occurred to me to grab her camera and bring it home with me this time, so I could download some of her pictures that I don't have already. I must say, that memory card has pictures going two years back! So today I'll be sharing some of the gems that my mom has captured from early 2009 through, well, yesterday!

My Grandmother Dottie and Jillian at Jillian's first birthday party, with Aunt Betsy in the background, January 2009.

Dottie again, and cousin Trinity, swinging at Aunt Betsy's house for some family gathering, March 2009.

My stepdad and Jillian at Aunt Betsy's beach house last spring, May 2009.

My stepdad and Jillian at some car show and checking out some animals while John and I were in England last summer, June 2009.

Me dropping off Jillian at my parents for a random weekend (based on the timing, quite possibly the weekend we made her a little sister LOL!). Also, Jillian with my parents' cat Chloe, December 2010.

Jillian and her brother Josh holding hands and swinging, this past Easter, 2010.

Me and Jillian at Rehoboth Beach, last month, June 2010. Funny how I looked at the picture of us on the helicopter ride and my first thought was, "Why do I look so pudgy in the tummy?". Clearly a case of pregnant brain...

And last but not least, Jillian playing (in the birdbath...EW!) up at my parents' house just yesterday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tomato Experiment

I've never really been described as having a green thumb. My houseplants have all been dead for years. I've had luck outdoors with my "miniature" rose bush (I put miniature in quotes because it's often over four feet tall). This year I decided it would be a neat experiment to see if we could grow tomatoes here. Our soil can be best described as clay: very red and very hard. I was skeptical at best, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I picked a spot in the "garden" on the side of our house, cleared it (except for some kind of tree in the middle), and my mom helped me plant seven, I think, tomato plants. I believe we started with five regular plants and two Roma tomato plants. I wish I had taken a picture when we started, but picture eight inch seedlings. We also planted some marigolds, as I had heard they help keep bugs away. I'd like to take this chance to show you how our tomato garden has progressed.

For scale, those taller bamboo stakes are 6' tall and the shorter ones are 5' tall. I think next year we'll clear the whole area, extend it out to our backyard fence line, and plant more stuff. Apparently, it's a good place to plant. Who knew?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Puddle Jumpin'

While the rain has not been so enjoyable for me and my husband (we're dealing with some basement flooding issues...), it seems that Jillian quite enjoys playing in it! After we got home from running errands today, I let Jilly put on her rain boots and go jump in puddles for a while. After all, you're only two years old once!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where in the world is...

...this blogger? Well, truth be told, I haven't had much to blog about lately. I'm still taking it easy, which in addition to this HEAT, means we haven't been doing much of anything. I'm starting to feel pretty nest-y, so I've been spending time planning the nursery and working on the kitchen. Next week I'll be starting to tackle the basement, so by the beginning of August, we can move my stepson's room down there, and actually get started on the nursery.

What I have been doing is a lot of knitting. Well, perhaps not a LOT, but it feels like a lot and it's been a great hobby to have gotten (back) into - successfully this time! It's just occupying enough that I don't feel like a complete lazy bones sitting around all the time, but not so distracting that I can't watch tv or hang with Jillian while I do it.

Here's what I've made over the past couple weeks.

1. Pink scarf for my friend Rita

2. A bow headband for Jillian

3. A knit bag for me (this is my first "in the round" project - thanks to my mom for getting me an awesome set of needles!!!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We decided on a low key 4th yesterday, and headed to my mother-in-law's house in the evening, to cookout and let "the boys" shoot off some fireworks. Jillian just loves playing with her cousins Lailah and Mariah, and we thought she'd have the most fun there. We picked up a Slip N Slide on the way and set it up for the girls. What we learned: apparently it's tough to get an almost four year old, an almost five year old, and a two and a half year old to go down a Slip N Slide properly. They did have fun playing in the water though; we may as well have picked up a kiddie pool for them!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Know What's Tough To Do?

Capture a decent photo of a two and a half year old during her first sparkler experience. Seriously. Especially one who hate having her picture taken anyway. Perhaps we'll try again tonight.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mo' Beach!!

Ever since our beach trip a few weeks ago, Jillian has been regularly asking to go to the beach. I obliged her, and Emily1 and I took her and Brooks to Sandy Point State Park this morning. There was some question as to the wisdom of this decision, it being Friday before 4th of July weekend, but we braved it, and there was ZERO traffic getting there and the beach was awesomely un-crowded when we arrived!

We couldn't have picked a prettier day.

I tried to get Jillian to pose for a picture with me. That didn't work out so well, but Emily managed to get a pretty good one of us on the beach. (I'm attempting to tickle her to get a smile on that face!)

Brooks and Jillian played together a little bit, but mostly Jillian wanted to chase birds and play in the sand alone.

Jillian was very excited about the idea of the water, but not so much the reality of it. I finally dragged her out there in my arms, at least for a little while. Brooks, on the other hand, was totally into it!!

Last summer (end of June) at Sandy Point, Jillian LOVED the water. Funny how they change...

She definitely is a huge fan of the sand, though. Funny tidbit though, she almost started crying when she wouldn't come in the water with Brooks and I - it was rather pathetic and sad, really.

We totally have to make another trip this summer. What a fun morning, and we should get some great naps out of the little ones too! Oh, and just another FYI, they didn't charge us admission for the kids, so the "$4 per person" admission must not include them. There wasn't an age limit stated, though, so I'm not sure at what age these little ones become "people".

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Jillian wanted to get ready for our little beach trip that's planned for tomorrow, so we set up her kiddie pool in the backyard for the first time this summer. I have a feeling it will get plenty of use again this year! (and it's a good thing, because really, she has like eight different bathing suits...)