Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thrift Store Awesomeness

A while back my friend Emily1 shared some information about an awesome thrift store that she frequented. I checked it out and was instantly enamored with it. It's Unique Thrift & Value Village (actually two separate stores that share an entrance and a space) in Hillandale. They have a 25% off everything sale every Monday for anyone, and if you sign up for their VIP card (which is free), you can get 25% off everything on Thursdays too. Plus, you can get notifications by email about any other special sales. Which happened over Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say, I couldn't take advantage of the 50% off everything sale that they held on Memorial Day due to my bed rest. And I was disappointed. Then I got another email saying they were having ANOTHER 50% off sale today!! How excited was I?!? Pretty darn excited.

Jillian does not do well there, because she hates riding in carts and wants to walk around herself. Well, this place is way too big and too crowded to let her walk around, so we end up not having the best time together. But today, she did pretty good, I must admit. A little bribery helps too. And a game plan. I went looking specifically for a few items: shoes for Jillian, jeans for John, beach towels for a project I want to make, knitting supplies for my growing collection, Cookie Monster anything Jillian.

I also knew I only wanted to spend what cash I had on me. So in we walked with our $16 (luckily I had a little coinage, too).

We scored:
1 pair of Levi jeans for John (I would swear that they're brand new) $6.99
1 pair of size 6 pink OshKosh shoes for Jillian for now $6.99
1 pair of size 7W purple and white Stride Rite shoes for Jillian for the fall $2.99
1 set of size 3T long sleeve Carters pajamas (again, I would swear that these have never been washed or worn) $2.99
1 bag of 4 skeins of Patons wool $5.99
1 random monkey stuffed animal (sometimes it's not worth the fight that saying "no" will cause...) $1.91
1 Cookie Monster small stuffed animal (about 8" high) $1.61
1 VHS tape "Land Before Time" (we *heart* dinosaurs) $.99

For an after 50% off, after tax total of $16.13!! Freakin' awesome. I couldn't get a picture of everything together because Jillian wouldn't let me bring Cookie Monster upstairs and wouldn't take those new pink shoes they were photographed separately!


Brenna said...

you will love knitting with wool! great finds!

emk said...

whoo-hoo!! did the rain keep peeps away??

melaniet42 said...

Em1: I don't know if the rain kept people away, but I actually the best parking spot I've found down there yet! It was "normal" crowded inside and it seems like it was only advertised by email for VIP people. Inside the store, they only had little 8.5x11" pieces of paper taped up about the sale and they weren't signing up people for VIP cards today. We were in and out in about an hour; we did the left side of the store, and then briefly took a whirl through the right side before leaving.