Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Off Bed Rest!

The docs took me off bed rest Monday! I still have some restrictions, but at least I can be out and about. I just need to take it easy. And yesterday was a beautiful day!! Us mommies got together at Brenna's house - thanks again for having us over and for the awesome muffins! Em1 took some pictures of the little ones - thank you for sharing them!

Jillian just LOVES the toy mower. She gets very upset if someone else wants to play with it. We're working on that whole "sharing" thing.

Jillian also loves any kind of swing. She's even ok with sharing it with her friends! Here she is with her green shirt twin (and toy-sharing host) Amedeo!

It looks like the gorgeous weather is gone today, but hopefully we'll have more sunny and cool days like yesterday soon!

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Tara said...

Glad you are off bed rest! I think I may have gone insane had I been put on it. Hope all is well...