Thursday, June 3, 2010

Odds & Ends

Since I'm on bed rest, I figured I'd blog. Good thing I had been lazy before this and actually have some things to share, because no doubt it's gonna be pretty boring around this blog before long. Because really, I'm on bed rest, and there's just not much bloggable (is that a word?) going on.

Jillian had some fun last week here at the house. She has really been enjoying the favors from Sadie's birthday party - especially the stamps!!

She likes the ink pads better than the actual stamps though, and can get a little out of control with them if we don't keep a close watch!

With the new Toy Story movie coming out this summer, I popped in TS1 & TS2 for Jillian to watch. She never showed much interest before, but now that she's discovered that "No-No" (aka Mr. Potato Head) is in a movie, she's all into it. And she loves playing with her Mr./Mrs. Potato Heads! Just a side note: she calls potatoes "no-no's", so that's where our Mr. Potato Head word came from. Not to be confused with "No No" as in Noah of Noah's Ark. Or Mrs. Noah for that matter. Got all that straight? Phew.

And lastly, we attempted painting with homemade watercolor paints. I got a recipe from this site but apparently Martha Stewart did a segment on this recently and there are plenty of recipes out there. They turned out alright, and went on the paper well, but they definitely dried much lighter in color than they went on the paper. Not sure if I'd try the recipe again, but hey, anything paint-related and different than the norm for us, I'm willing to try at least once!

So that's what we were into last week before all this trouble started....


Tara said...

I think I need to buy Andrew an easel. He didn't really like painting too much when we tried it before. He does LOVE Toy Story. He will sit and watch either 1 & 2 without making a peep. Every time the commercials come on now, he starts talking about "Buzz."

Hope you are feeling ok!

Emily said...

I love their funny names for things, it's going to make me sad the day 'no-no' or for us 'nee-na' (banana) is no longer part of the vocabulary and is replaced with big-kid words. Sigh.

Melissa said...

I am so glad Jillian likes her favors. Sadie is very into stamps as well these days. Hope you are doing well. I am heading out of town for most of the next 2 weeks. If you are still on best rest when I am back, we would love to come over and entertain. And if not, we will do something outside of your house :)