Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ducks

So we're here at Rehoboth Beach for a mini-vacation and we had a funny moment this afternoon. Hysterical, really. We had just finished using up our ride tickets at Funland, and I thought it would be nice to find a game that she could do and win a prize. We found the duck game. Perfect. You know, the game with the ducks floating in water and the kid picks a duck and the number on the bottom of the duck corresponds to which type of prize they win? Anyway. We paid our $2 and Jilly picked a duck with a #2 on its tummy. #2 in this case corresponded to a small stuffed moose. They had three colors and Jillian didn't want any of them. What did she want? The duck, or "duckie" in her language. After several tries, I picked a cream colored moose out for her and we went on our way, crying for "duckie". How's that for a plan for a backfired plan? But it was pretty funny!

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Brenna said...

sometimes you think that everything is just perfect...and then the toddler attitude comes and pops your bubble....ah well.